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Organizations are today becoming more and more dependent on their information systems and other kinds of IT-based support systems to realise their business strategies, building value networks with partners, and manging their resources effectively. But how can organizations ensure that their IT investments are well aligned with the needs of the business? A number of frameworks and methods have been designed to help managers in aligning business and IT. Such alignment is a critical “early stage” activity to understand how information systems contribute to business strategy and to set directions for the development and maintenance processes that follow. Recently, novel methods and techniques based on conceptual and  enterprise modeling have been proposed to support mutual alignment between business needs and IT solutions.  BUSITAL’09 is a forum for practitioners and researchers that want to  explore the benefits, challenges and solutions of business and IT alignment.


BUSITAL’09 will take place on June 9, 2009, in Amsterdam in conjunction with the CAiSE’09 conference.

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